/Problems with the alignment of your teeth can develop with tooth growth or after a traumatic injury. Additionally, normal wear and tear of teeth over time is also a common cause of malocclusion, the medical term for a misalignment of the teeth. Regardless as to which scenario, you may need to receive an occlusal adjustment in order to keep great oral health.

Greenwood Dental Care’s restorative dentist in Lake County, IL, provides occlusal adjustments. We want you to be as comfortable as possible, both during treatment and after.

Occlusal Adjustment Treatment

The process of an occlusal adjustment at Greenwood Dental Care is easy and convenient. Your dentist will complete a thorough evaluation of your bite, allowing for the adjustment of the slightest irregularity and making sure to provide only the adjustments that are absolutely necessary.

Problem areas of the teeth are then smoothed to eliminate interference and eliminate malocclusion. Your dentist repeats this process in all identified areas until the teeth have regained the correct bite position. Since there are no intricate prescriptions or instrument procedures for an occlusal adjustment, the dentist can easily and painlessly restore the harmonious function of the teeth.

How Does This Work?

An occlusal adjustment improves tooth surface alignment, providing you with the best bite adjustment to maintain your oral health. In this scenario, removing the tiny interferences that cause malocclusion or the imperfect positioning of teeth helps perfect the closing of the jaw.

Additionally, occlusal adjustments can treat tooth sensitivity by reducing pressure on sensitive teeth, and evenly distribute your bite to eliminate irregular pressure on one side of the mouth.

An occlusal adjustment can also be used to help further dental procedures go more smoothly. By identifying problem areas for the bite, any dental bridges or crowns will be designed with the best bite alignment in mind.  Additionally, this procedure commonly happens to complement dental implants in Lake County because your dentist designs the implants to fit the improved contours of the teeth.

The procedure is also used to alleviate the resultant symptoms of temporal-mandibular dysfunction or TMJ disorder which can cause jaw soreness and malfunction. An occlusal adjustment can also help with teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, and complement night guard therapy.

It’s important to note that this is an irreversible procedure that calls for the careful study of a patient’s occlusion before removing tooth structures. Additionally, occlusion adjustments may cause tooth sensitivity for some patients, so it’s incredibly important for the dentist to know your entire medical history before performing the procedure.

Signs That a Patient Needs Occlusal Adjustment

So how do you know when you need an occlusal adjustment? Here are a few common symptoms you may experience:

  • Neck aches and strains
  • Headaches and ear pain
  • Tooth pain and sensitivity
  • Teeth grinding and wear on the teeth
  • Clicking and popping in the jaw
  • Uneven closing of the jaw

These are all a typical result of malocclusion. All disorders associated with misalignment of the teeth can also lead to shifts in the placement of teeth as well. The shifting of teeth can create gaps where plaque and bacteria collect, worsening gum disease or leading to tooth decay.

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  • Endodontic therapy
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  • Periodontal therapy
  • Gingivitis treatment

An occlusal adjustment is a simple and affordable procedure that will significantly increase the quality of your life and your smile.  To make your appointment, call us today at 855.528.3961!