Gum Disease Treatment
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Restore Your Gum Health

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Regain Gums That Look & Feel Good With Waukegan Gum Disease Treatment

Your gums play an important role. They hold your teeth in place and help protect your whole body against harmful bacteria. When you have an infection in your gums, it’s critical to catch it as early as possible. That’s why regular dental checkups are so valuable! If we spot these issues, we can provide gum disease treatment in Waukegan that will:

  • Restore your pink healthy gums and freshen your breath
  • Reduce your risk for more serious diseases
  • Get your oral health back on track
  • Let you practice your normal oral hygiene routine without discomfort
  • Help you avoid potential tooth loss

If you are concerned about your gum health, call 847-595-5805 for an appointment. Ask about our Smile Club too! We have an option for patients vulnerable to gum disease. It’s a great way to save money on care without insurance hassles.

Enjoy Smiling Again After Thorough Gum Care

Gum disease can sneak up on you. You may not realize it’s a problem until the advanced stages. However, there are symptoms to notice, such as red or swollen gum tissue, bleeding when you brush or floss, or persistent bad breath. If you recognize these signs at home, or we notice them during an examination, we’ll recommend treatments, such as:

  • Deep Cleaning –If your gum disease is in the early stages, we’ll do a deep cleaning. This does more than just your regular cleaning, because it reaches under the gumline and targets the specific area of infection.
  • Scaling and Root Planing – For more advanced gum disease, we’ll do a scaling procedure, which scrapes away the tartar surrounding the infected gum tissue. Then we’ll follow up with root planing to smooth out your tooth roots and prevent further infection.

We always focus on making you as comfortable as possible during your appointment. While both procedures are relatively painless, we use a topical anesthetic that numbs your mouth, so you won’t feel a thing. Plus, our comfort dog April can help you relax too! We also have blankets, massaging chairs, and a white noise machine or calming music for you to enjoy.

If you notice symptoms of gum disease in Waukegan, call 847-595-5805 for an appointment with us today if you’re a new patient. Existing patients can call 847-429-3547.

Common Questions

What causes gum disease?

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is an infection caused by bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria form a clear, sticky film called plaque that build ups around your gumline, leading to inflamed and infected gums. Left untreated, the infection causes your gums to separate from teeth, creating “pockets” where more bacteria accumulates. In advanced stages of gum disease, the infection spreads from your gums to the bone that supports your teeth. Your teeth will loosen and possibly fall out.

Is gum disease treatment painful?

Our team uses a gentle touch during scaling and root planing, the deep cleaning treatment that removes the disease-causing bacteria from your teeth and gums. We’ll use local anesthesia to keep your mouth numb during the entire procedure. If you’d like, you can request a visit from April, our comfort dog.

What are gum disease symptoms?

In its very early stages, gum disease often shows no signs of symptoms. As it progresses, however, your gums may become red and puffy and painful to the touch. Your gums may also bleed when you brush or floss. If left untreated, gum disease can even lead to tooth loss. Getting regular checkups is crucial to stopping the cycle of gum disease.

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