Relax During Treatment With Sedation Options in Waukegan

At Greenwood Dental Care, we love seeing patients leave our office feeling confident. If you want a beautiful, fully functional smile, we offer a wide range of services to help you achieve that goal. However, if you are anxious about treatments, you may need extra help remaining calm during your visit. That’s why we have sedation options in Waukegan. They will:

  • Help you get through complex procedures without stress
  • Give you a sense of peace about every visit
  • Allow you to get the treatment your smile needs
  • Rebuild your confidence about pursuing dental care

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Calm Your Nerves While Restoring Your Smile

There are several types of sedation available to ease your dental anxiety. However, we prefer to use the kind that’s most suitable for patients with complex dental needs: IV sedation. It is ideal if you are getting root canal treatment or more involved procedures such as implants or full-mouth reconstruction. You can expect many benefits from this sedation, such as:

  • Deep Sense of Relaxation – Although conscious and responsive to commands, you will be in a highly calm state of mind.
  • Works Instantly – There’s no need to wait for the sedation to take effect since IV sedation works immediately. It eliminates any lingering fears you have about your visit.
  • Improved Control – Our anesthesiologist monitors your IV sedation levels throughout your treatment. They will ensure you are receiving the right amount for your anxiety.

Sedation is one of many ways you’ll remain comfortable during your appointment. We have massaging patient chairs, warm blankets, and a sound machine to block out the noise from our equipment. Our in-office comfort dog, April, also makes sure you are relaxed! In addition, our practice uses the latest dental technologies to ensure your treatments go smoothly and successfully.

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