$75 Lifetime Activation Fee Includes The First Visit

Exceptional dental care doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you’re a new or existing adult or child patient, we invite you to join our Greenwood Smile Club! Click on the button below and start saving today!

Discover Inexpensive Personalized Dental Care Here

Many patients who don’t have insurance avoid the dentist because of costs. However, with our Greenwood Smile Club in Waukegan, you can get the preventive services you need and save at least $190 a year on your treatment – all for a small monthly fee and one $75 lifetime activation fee (which covers your first monthly payment). Plus, we have options for patients vulnerable to gum disease and for children 12 and under.

Pictured: Dr. Nikol Kuziak and her family

What Do I Get With My VIP Club Subsciption?

Many of our patients don’t have dental insurance or have recently lost it due to retirement or being self-employed. That’s why I created my Greenwood Smile Club. My club’s goal is to help my patients get great dental care and save money on their needed treatments.

    Easy, affordable monthly subscriptions for your preventative care with additional benefits like fluoride varnish and discounts on other treatments (some restrictions apply).
    Suppose you have additional treatments you’d like performed, such as cosmetic, restorative, or elective services. In that case, our smile club will allow you to get up to 15% off.
    If you experience a dental emergency, like a cracked or broken tooth, then we can help! Our smile club members get one complimentary emergency exam (if needed).
    Our Greenwood Smile Club members get a complimentary exam (1-2 per year) with their subscription. Join today to start getting the amazing care you deserve!
    Many cash-paying patients will skip getting annual X-rays to save money. Our smile club members get this important diagnostic tool complimentary with their subscription.

When you’re ready for an appointment or if you have a question about our Greenwood Smile Club, call our Waukegan, IL office at (855) 528-3961.