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If you have a worn-down, cracked, unstable, painful, or infected tooth, your dentist may decide you need a crown. A dental crown covers and supports the tooth in question in order to prevent a deep cavity from forming. It can also help prevent pieces of the tooth from breaking off, making it easier to chew and floss safely. As people get older, they often need a crown to restore a molar or other hard-to-reach tooth. If you think you might need a dental crown, inlay, onlay, or any other restorative dentistry procedure, contact Greenwood Dental Care in Waukegan, Illinois, by calling 855.528.3961 to schedule an appointment.

Getting a Crown Installed

Getting a crown installed requires a few appointments. To get a crown, you will need to schedule a consultation appointment for X-rays and assessment. Depending on your case’s severity, there is a chance you might need a root canal before having a crown installed. Dr. Kurziak can perform a root canal in her office if the procedure is necessary. Before having the crown fitted, your tooth will likely need to be reshaped. If the tooth is dangerously decayed or damaged, your dentist will fill the cavity to support the crown. Once these steps are finished, your dentist will install the crown.

Crowns Protect Nearby Teeth

Over time, our teeth begin to weaken and become more susceptible to problems such as decay, cracks, or discoloration. Dental crowns are used to renew the appearance and function of a tooth and prevent decay from spreading. Dental crowns are not limited to just replacing the original tooth but can be designed to create an even better aesthetic appearance. Other reasons for needing dental crowns include:

  • Protect a cracked tooth from breaking
  • Cover and support a tooth with a large cavity filling
  • Cover severely discolored teeth
  • Restore the strength and functionality of a tooth

Dental crowns are often used in conjunction with root canal therapy, dental implants, or as an anchor for a dental bridge. Crowns are typically made from porcelain in order to maintain strength and a natural appearance. The process of placing a crown may take 1-2 office visits. The procedure of receiving a crown from a Waukegan restorative dentist is as follows:

Getting a Crown: The First Visit

X-rays will be taken to check the roots of the tooth receiving the crown. If the tooth has extensive decay or there is a risk of infection, a root canal treatment may be performed first. We use anesthesia to numb the area to eliminate pain. The tooth that is receiving the crown will be filed down to make room for the crown. Your dentist will make an impression of the tooth using paste or putty. After receiving your impressions at the lab, a technician will manufacture your crown. A temporary crown is placed to cover and protect the prepared tooth while the crown is being made.

Getting a Crown: The Second Visit

Once your permanent crown arrives, your dentist will remove the temporary crown and install the permanent crown after ensuring that it is the right fit and color. If the permanent crown is acceptable, the dentist will cement the crown in place. Once treatment is complete, continue to practice proper at-home care and keep regular office visits to help your crown last many years. Just like your original teeth, dental crowns require routine brushing and flossing.

Contact Greenwood Dental Care

At Greenwood Dental Care, we offer dental crowns as well as numerous other dental treatments, including:

  • Tooth extractions
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Gingivitis treatment

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