We’ve heard every reason in the book from folks who don’t get regular dental care – from anxiety to hectic schedules. If you’re busy, we offer hours as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 6:30 pm to make it easy to schedule. And there’s no need to feel anxious, with our caring staff and comfortable atmosphere, including soothing massage chairs. We especially hate it when a lack of insurance keeps people away from our office. But that no longer needs to be a concern, with our dental Membership Club.

For more information on how the club works, call Greenwood Dental Care today at 847-595-5805 (new patients) or 847-429-3547 (existing patients). In the meantime, review some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by joining:

  • Stress-Free Payment – There are quite a few “gotchas” with insurance, like denials of claims, waiting periods, and benefit limits. In comparison, our Membership Club is super simple. There’s a lifetime activation fee that also covers your first month of membership. After that, you just make low monthly payments. This covers the cost of your routine care, including cleanings and exams. You’ll get discounts on other services too. If needed, your membership also includes one free emergency exam a year.
  • Covers Routine Care – Insurance usually covers the cost of dental cleanings and exams. We know that a lack of insurance often leads people to skip these services. Unfortunately, that makes you more likely to have problems like cavities and gum disease. This makes your dental care more expensive, since treating them costs more than preventing them. Since exams and cleanings are covered with membership, there’s no reason to avoid them. You’ll save in the long run – and have a healthier smile too.
  • Helps You Choose the Right Treatments – We’ve seen patients delay treatments or choose one service over another based on their insurance coverage. We hate that! Most services are discounted with our Membership Club. Taking insurance out of the equation will hopefully result in decisions based on what is right for your smile. 
  • Savings on Many Services – Insurance typically doesn’t cover many popular services, notably cosmetic procedures. With our club, you’ll receive a discounted rate for those treatments.
  • Membership Options for All – You’ll find monthly plans for adults, children (12 and younger), and patients receiving periodontal maintenance. All these plans include exams and cleanings (with X-rays, when needed), plus discounts on other services. Periodontal patients receive more cleanings with their plan, and children also get fluoride treatment. 

For more information on the club or to make an appointment to visit our Waukegan, IL office, call Greenwood Dental Care today at 847-595-5805 (new patients) or 847-429-3547 (existing patients).