A dentist is reviewing a digital x-ray.Advances in dental technology are responsible for improving both the quality of service dentists can provide and oral hygiene. Additionally, less intrusive alternatives are slowly replacing methods associated with old fashioned dental care. Dental x-rays are now more convenient and safe than in previous years.

What are Digital Dental X-Rays?

Though the process is similar to the dental x-rays that utilize film, digital x-rays capture images of patient’s teeth using a sensor placed within the mouth. The computer connection is immediate, and the dentist views the image on the screen in real-time.

Unlike traditional x-rays, digital x-rays require no wait time for the film to develop. Instead, the images are available on the computer screen within seconds. These images can then be enhanced and enlarged for a more accurate diagnosis. Digital x-rays can be stored, printed, or even transmitted electronically to a specialist or laboratory if needed.

Intraoral x-rays create an image of the teeth, bone, and tissues inside the mouth. These images assist in prevention, diagnosis, and/or treatment planning, depending on the need. X-ray images can be used to identify or diagnose potential oral health issues that may not be fully visible to the naked eye. Some of these may include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Cracks or fractures
  • Impacted teeth
  • Tooth root infection
  • Bone loss
  • Cysts, tumors, or other abnormal growths

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Software development in digital radiography makes it easier for dentists to make diagnostic, treatment, or management decisions. With imagery solution rates high, it’s now more feasible to do subtraction radiography, which compares images with previous ones to highlight even the very minute changes.

Less Radiation

In our office, we utilize digital x-ray technology that provides the benefits of film imaging but uses up to 80% less radiation. However, your safety is still our primary concern. Before having a digital x-ray taken in our office, let us know if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have had a dental x-ray in another office within the past year
  • You are or may be pregnant
  • If you have any questions or concerns about x-rays

Likewise, there are meager amounts of radiation emitted by dental x-rays, but you should always take safety precautions when using them.

Less Time at the Dentist

Shorter dental appointments, since digital x-rays don’t require time for film development. In this case, an almost instant development of the image is then projected on a computer screen while the patient has the intraoral mouth sensor.  Thanks to this advances in dental technology, you won’t have to wait for the results.

Better Imagery

The higher quality images produced by digital x-rays make viewing and analyzing them more comprehensive. With old x-rays, there is only one size of film production, with grainy and hard-to-decipher images. Digital x-rays provide the option of image enlargement and zooming to see problems in the tooth’s structure more clearly. Adjusting color, brightness, and contrast can also reveal cavities and decay.

Easy to Share

The advanced digital x-rays magnify and enhance your teeth for better diagnosis of dental diseases or problems. This digital x-ray allows your dentist to take an image of your teeth and put it into an imaging program. Transferring and sharing of dental records with specialists is now faster and less costly. You can mail digital x-ray images or share them in portable in pen drives or disks, making it much easier to transfer images to specialists.

Greenwood Dental Care is Here for Your Oral Health

As seen above, digital x-rays have greatly improved the dentist industry. Here at Greenwood Dental Care, we care for your overall oral health. In addition to digital x-rays, we also provide the following services:

  • Gingivitis treatment
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Pediatric dentistry

We invest in dental technology so that we can support you, and help create and maintain that perfect smile.  We provide restorative dentistry in Lake County, IL, among other procedures, so call us now at 855.528.3961.