Every day, we conduct several dental cleanings such as the one this woman is undergoing.Most people fear dental cleanings. To some, it is an experience accompanied by jaw discomfort and strange noises. To others, it is just a simple and painless experience. Whatever camp you fall in, Greenwood Dental’s general dentist in Lake County, IL, is committed to making your dental cleanings as comfortable and effective as possible.

Dental cleanings are a crucial part of oral hygiene and help remove dental plaque from your teeth. Regular cleaning appointments help prevent cavities and periodontal disease. Dental cleanings are essential to maintaining proper oral health.

Why Do You Need Dental Cleanings?

The purpose of a teeth cleaning is to rid the teeth of harmful build-up of plaque and stains that may prevent a healthy smile. During cleanings, your dental hygienist will:

  • Remove tartar build-up on your teeth
  • Remove plaque
  • Perform a teeth polishing to help remove light surface stains and prevent plaque from easily reattaching to your teeth

Your dental hygienist can help clean surfaces of your teeth that you may have missed during brushing and flossing. During your appointment, your dental hygienist will also:

  • Evaluate your overall health and oral hygiene
  • Check your bite and jaw for any problems
  • Evaluate your risk of tooth decay and gum or bone disease
  • Evaluate existing tooth restorations
  • Screen for oral cancer
  • Take dental x-rays if necessary

Regular professional dental cleanings and exams are essential for attaining a healthy mouth.

Types of Dental Cleanings

There are three common types of dental cleanings in Lake County:

  • Scaling and root planing – a deep dental cleaning procedure done for patients who are prone to gum and periodontal disease or already have a gum condition
  • Prophylaxis cleaning – a routine cleaning to help maintain oral health
  • Gross debridement – a dental cleaning procedure done to determine the condition of teeth and identify any issues that may be present in the mouth that require the dentist’s attention

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

Many people would like to understand what happens during a dental cleaning before they have it done. During a routine teeth cleaning, the following occurs:

Oral Exam

Your dentist first carries out an oral exam before the actual dental cleaning begins. The oral exam covers the whole mouth, so the dentist can see the condition of all your teeth and gums. Additionally, your dentist and dental hygienist will check for any signs of gingivitis or cavities, as well as other potential problems. Your dental hygienist will consult with your dentist about further cleanings or other procedures, including gum disease treatment in Lake County, IL.

Removal of Plaque and Tartar

The next step involves removing plaque and tartar between the teeth and the gum line. Your dental hygienist uses a scaler to get rid of the tartar and a mirror as a guide. Brushing and flossing often can prevent tartar build up. Therefore, it is recommended you floss and brush at least twice daily to prevent tartar from building up.

Gritty Toothpaste Cleaning

After the tartar is scraped off, the third step in routine dental cleanings involves cleaning the teeth using a gritty toothpaste and a high-powered electric toothbrush. It makes some grinding noises, but this is normal and should not scare you. It helps in deep cleaning and removing any tartar that may be left behind after scaling. The gritty consistency of the toothpaste enables it to scrub the teeth and polish it.

Expert Flossing

Your dental hygienist then begins flossing and gets the hard-to-reach places where the gum might be bleeding. Flossing and rinsing with a fluoride solution helps remove any plaque left during the cleaning process earlier on.

Fluoride Treatment Application

The final step involves fluoride treatment in Lake County. Fluoride offers protection against cavities and other dental diseases.

Fluoride treatments come in different flavors, and you can choose your preferred taste. In young children, molar sealants are applied for protection.

Do You Need to Schedule a Dental Cleaning?

If you are looking for a teeth cleaning, Greenwood Dental Care offers a comprehensive dental cleaning that will help you gain a beautiful smile. Additionally, we also offer:

  • Digital x-rays
  • Family cosmetic dentistry
  • Tooth extractions
  • Dental bridges

Learn more about Greenwood Dental Care today by calling 855.528.3961 and see for yourself why we are trusted by Lake County, IL.