a person smiles while lying down on a dentist chair after learning about finding affordable tooth extractions

Finding Affordable Tooth Extractions in Waukegan, IL

Dental care costs are a significant concern for people when they consider their oral health. While routine everyday upkeep does not cost a lot, dental appointments may be intimidating for those struggling to find coverage for their dental care. Thankfully, many options exist to pay for important procedures such as tooth extractions. Leaving dental problems…

a person gets their teeth cleaned after learning the differences between Dental deep cleaning vs regular cleaning

The Differences Between a Dental Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning

Most who have been to a dentist in their adult lives have received reminders for the suggested twice-yearly regular dental cleanings by a dentist. Some might not know the difference between a dental deep cleaning vs. regular cleaning. It primarily boils down to the extent of the build-up of plaque, tartar, and decay that’s present.…