Restorative dentistry services at Greenwood Dental provide individuals with a way to improve their smile. Our team is located near Gurnee, providing a wide range of the most important dental procedures to restore a smile after damage or decay. Our dentistry in Illinois can help to restore functionality and improve a person’s smile through these advanced treatment options. 

What Is Restorative Dentistry?young man receives restorative dentistry near gurnee

The goal of restorative dentistry is to provide treatment to improve the way the teeth and mouth function while also improving the way it looks. Dental health is a priority here, but there is also value in restoring the overall appearance of the smile. Often, restorative dentistry is designed to address damage caused by trauma to the teeth, discoloration, and decay. This may include replacing missing teeth, improving damaged exteriors, and providing visual improvement strategies. 

Why Invest in This Type of Dentistry in Illinois?

Some people do not seek out restorative dentistry because they believe it to be too expensive or too complex. It does not have to be. These services are utilized based on the unique needs of a person. For example, some people benefit from a comprehensive Smile Makeover. Others may just want to improve the alignment of their bite to improve chewing and speaking. There are benefits to restorative dentistry, including:

  • Improving the function of the teeth
  • Providing better strength and durability for biting and chewing
  • Replacing missing teeth to improve confidence
  • Overcoming chips that may cause tissue damage
  • Minimizing the risk of overcrowding into gaps
  • Giving a person the smile they desire

What Type of Restorative Dentistry Services Near Gurnee Are Available?

At Greenwood Dental, we provide a wide range of options for improving the function of the smile. Dental health is the first priority, including ensuring the teeth can bite, chew, and help with communication. From there, our goal is to restore or improve the look of the smile. Some of the services we provide near Gurnee to do this include:

Dental Implants: These artificial teeth take the place of missing teeth and are some of the most durable and longest-lasting options available.

All-on-4-Implants: These are a type of dental implant that allows for a full mouth of new artificial teeth to be placed on just four implants.

Dental Crowns and Bridges: This type of application works to fill in openings. A crown sits in the opening and looks like a natural tooth. The bridge helps to secure the crown to the teeth on either side. This helps to minimize crowding.

Dental Veneers: Veneers help with discoloration or damage to the exterior of the tooth. The veneer is a thin porcelain film placed over the surface of the tooth to hide the damage. It can help restore a smile.

Finding the Right Type of Dental Treatment Near Gurnee

Our dentistry in Illinois is committed to providing individuals with all of the dental care they need in one place. That includes our full restorative dentistry services. In addition, we also provide services such as:

For those who wish to restore their smile, the first step is to call to set up an exam and X-Rays. This allows the dental team to determine which types of restorative dentistry may be right for that specific situation. 

Find a Gurnee Dentist Near You at Greenwood Dental!

If you are in Gurnee, our restorative dentistry services are available to you. Greenwood Dental provides comprehensive dentistry in Illinois. Our team uses the most modern and innovative solutions, along with a team of dedicated professionals to provide the highest level of service. To learn more about our services, call 855.528.3961 or connect with us for an appointment online.