There is a trust that needs to develop between a doctor and a patient. When a dentist asks a patient to open their mouth, there is a level of intimacy that has just been brokered. We at Greenwood Dental Care respect that you may feel uncomfortable in the dentist chair and do everything to provide a welcoming environment for all our patients. When looking for general dentistry services near Lake Villa, Illinois, please consider us.

General Dentistry Services

In addition to twice-annual visits that we hope will continue for years to come, we also offer the following dental services:woman gets general dentistry services

Read on to learn a bit about some of our most popular dental specialties.

Family Dentistry

With the whole family taking advantage of dental services under one roof it makes it easier to maintain good oral health together.

Pediatric Dentistry

A visit to the doctor’s office can be intimidating for a child. We make the experience a pleasant one and take pride in educating young people about the importance of taking care of their teeth through the years.

Dental Hygiene

By establishing a proper dental hygiene routine you can avoid costly procedures that are needed when your teeth and gums fall into disrepair.

Dental Cleanings

It is important to schedule regular cleanings for your teeth. Build-up of tartar and plaque cannot be removed by at-home methods, and teeth polishing is also vital to good oral mouth care. Our dental cleanings begin with an oral exam and are followed by removal of plaque and tartar, gritty toothpaste cleaning, expert flossing, and fluoride treatment application.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride helps to restore any minerals lost in tooth enamel. This can be due to leftover food in the mouth and the acids they secrete. It can also be caused by a history of frequent cavities, gum disease, dry mouth, past orthodontic treatment, and by having dental crowns or bridges.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Also known as mouth cancer, oral cancer can appear in the throat and the lining of the mouth, tongue, gums, and lips. Symptoms include but are not limited to unexplained bleeding in the mouth, swallowing problems, red or white patches in the mouth, sores in the mouth that do not heal within two weeks, and feeling like you have something stuck in your throat.

Dental Space Maintainers

When your child’s jaw and dental arches are not in the correct position after a tooth extraction dental space maintainers can help fix the problem. They assist in maintaining the space where a permanent tooth is expected to come in.

Tooth Extractions

There are two types of tooth extraction. A simple extraction is one in which the tooth is loosened with an instrument known as an elevator and then removed by forceps. A surgical extraction is a complex procedure involving making an oral decision into the gum to remove a broken or impacted tooth.

Impacted Tooth Treatment

Most people have their wisdom teeth removed before they can cause an issue, but they will need to have these impacted teeth extracted for those who do not.

Dental Technology

We use both digital X-rays and intra-oral cameras. The camera makes for a less intrusive examination of the oral cavity.

Need a Cavity Filled? Call Your Lake Villa Dentist

Finding the right general dentistry practice to serve your dental needs is an important factor in living a long, healthy life. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a whole host of problems that can have a harmful effect on your well-being. We at Greenwood Dental Care provide first-rate dental services to the Lake Villa community. We can be reached online or at 855.528.3961 for you to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.