When searching for a family dentist in the Antioch, Illinois area we would like you to consider Greenwood Dental Care in Waukegan. Led by Dr. Nikol Kurziak, we have put together a great team from the front desk staff to our dental assistants and hygienists. A dentist’s office is not everyone’s idea of a relaxing and positive experience, but we do all we can to make your time at Greenwood a pleasure. You can expect a warm and welcoming environment from the moment you walk through the door. Our general dentistry program will put your little ones at ease and have them leave with a bigger, brighter smile than the one they came in with.

Family Dentistry Serviceswoman gets general dentistry treatment

The first order of business when arriving at Greenwood Dental Care after answering some questions to help us better understand your family’s dental history and assess your family’s dental needs is to undergo a comprehensive oral exam. This usually entails taking several full-mouth X-rays so that we can get a good look at your entire mouth and underlying jaw structure. This would be followed up by a professional dental cleaning. No matter how diligent you are in maintaining proper dental care of your teeth, professional cleaning is necessary to achieve the best possible results. This type of cleaning should be undertaken routinely to ensure healthy teeth and gums.

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services that cover all your dental needs. Our family of dentists and hygienists will treat your family with care and consideration. It is this personal relationship that marks us as a standout location for all your dental requirements. We not only provide a comfortable environment for you and your family but use the most modern technology and do our best to educate you on how to properly care for your teeth while at home.

Additional Services

Pediatric Dental Services

  • Regular check-up – A full dental examination is in order when a child first sits in one of our chairs. This way, we can fully assess your child’s still-growing teeth and how it relates to their jaw, as well as keeping an eye on any tooth decay.
  • Fluoride application – Fluoride is used as a preventative measure to protect your child’s mouth against cavities and gum disease.
  • Dental sealants – In order to prevent damage on the exterior of the teeth caused by bacteria and plaque, we apply a clear, thin coating on the molar teeth. This procedure offers the best protection against anything that may harm your child’s teeth.
  • Fillings – If any cavities are detected, we provide fillings after thoroughly cleaning the tooth to prevent further damage. This is a permanent solution to the problem of cavities.
  • Crowns – If the filling is not adequate in protecting the tooth due to extensive damage, a crown will be applied. This is considered a restoration of the tooth in which it is capped to inhibit any more decay.

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A family dentistry program has many benefits. Everyone’s dental needs are different, but having the entire family taken care of under one roof allows for a consistency of treatment. Just as the family gathers around the dinner table, they, too, can have their teeth examined by dentists and hygienists that know the whole family and their various dental needs. At Greenwood Dental Care, our family is happy to take care of your family in a warm and inviting environment, making sure that your children are taught how to care for their teeth in the long run. We can be reached online or at 855.528.3961 for you to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.