Every member of a family, including small children, needs to establish good dental hygiene habits. One way of doing that is making sure that everyone in the household goes in for regular dental checkups. Greenwood Dental Care provides family dentistry services in Illinois to help you achieve that goal. The right family dentist can make it easier for you to get family members to take better care of their teeth.

Benefits of Family Dentistryfamily sets up family dentistry in beach park, il

The versatility of family dentistry practices means the entire family can get much-needed services in one place. Infants can receive pediatric dentistry services to make sure new teeth come in properly, while adults can address any issues that might be causing them discomfort. Family dentists cover services ranging from general dentistry to orthodontics.

Greenwood Dental Care makes sure every family member feels comfortable and safe. Visits typically start with us asking for health information to build a dental health history and plan how our dentists can best address each family member’s issues. That makes it easier to track the development of the teeth, jaw, and other mouth structures in younger family members. Dentists can also spot any hereditary dental issues that may need addressing in the future.

Since family dentists wear so many hats, they can be a valuable educational source. Each family member can learn more about their specific issues and what they can do to address them at home. Family members with braces can receive tips on cleaning, while older family members can get help adjusting to new dentures.

Common Family Dental Procedures

Greenwood Dental Care dentists provide a wide array of services, including:

Exam and Cleaning — Checkups at Greenwood Dental Care typically involve a comprehensive oral exam that includes a full series of x-rays. The dental hygienist looks for signs of decay, gum disease, or other damage. The dentist comes in and discusses the results of what was found and comes up with a plan for treatment or repair of any issues. After that, patients receive a thorough cleaning to remove any plaque build-up that might lead to cavities.

Filling — The dentist applies fillings to repair any cracks or cavities found in the teeth through examination or x-ray. He numbs the tooth that needs repair, then uses a drill to remove any decaying tissue. After cleaning the tooth with water, he seals the tooth with a filling. You can choose to have a gold, silver, or dental resin filling applied.

Extraction — Sometimes, a tooth becomes too decayed or damaged to benefit from available repair options. Once the dentist decides a tooth extraction is the best course of action, they remove it by gradually pulling it loose from your bone socket. Impacted teeth, or those that fail to break through your gumline fully, typically require minor oral surgery for extraction.

Braces — Your dentist may recommend getting braces if you have tooth alignment issues like crowding, an overbite, or an underbite. People of any age can get braces to move their teeth into a healthier or more aesthetically pleasing position.

Crown — Dentists can place crowns over damaged, injured, or decaying teeth to prevent the need for an extraction. Crowns can also cover up cosmetic issues and improve your smile. The dentist also uses crowns in conjunction with root canal therapy, anchoring a bridge, or dental implants.

How Family Dentistry Reinforces Good Oral Hygiene

Greenwood Dental Care forms personal relationships with the families who visit their offices over the years. We provide comprehensive care to each patient and work hard to make the experience enjoyable. Families receive access to advanced dental technology and procedures, ensuring they receive the best available treatment.

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