Maintaining good oral hygiene is an admirable goal, but it is not possible without regular dental checkups. There are also some genetic factors that could influence the health of your teeth and gums. But this is just one reason to seek out family dentistry services. With your family having all their dental needs served at Greenwood Dental Care, your dentist will know the whole family and their dental history. And the convenience of having everyone taken care of under one roof at one location ensures that everyone can stay up on their twice-yearly checkups and any other oral care issues that need to be addressed.

Affordable Dental Care for the Whole Family

a young child is happy to have family dentistry services

Every Illinois family is unique, and our family dentist services take that in mind when devising a dental plan for your family. We want to get to know you and your family’s medical history to provide the best dental care we can.

We first conduct an interview so we can chart a path for a successful and comprehensive dental plan. This is followed by an extensive oral examination. This may include X-rays of the full mouth and jaw. This is followed by our dentists and hygienists looking for any signs of tooth decay, cavities, and plaque or if there are any signs of gum disease or any other type of damage to the gums. Our dentists can take care of many common tooth concerns, including:

  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Orthodontics
  • Tooth extraction

After the examination, you will undergo a professional dental cleaning. No matter how diligent you are in brushing and flossing your teeth and using mouthwash daily, a professional cleaning cannot be replicated at home. At least twice-yearly visits are recommended for most people, but some have special dental needs that require more frequent checkups. We at Greenwood Dental Care treat the individual patient, and how that is done may vary from patient to patient, even within the same family.

Why Pediatric Dentistry Services Are a Good Idea

A pediatric dentistry service should provide a comfortable environment for children so that their possible initial hesitation to getting in the dentist’s chair is mollified. When children have early positive experiences at the dentist’s office, this can lead to a lifetime of responsible oral care. We offer the following pediatric dental services:

Regular Checkups

After the initial examination and tooth cleaning, subsequent visits will involve cleanings and consultations on any oral issues that may be developing and how to best rectify them.

Fluoride Application

Fluoride is used as a preventative measure to ensure that your child’s teeth do not suffer from mineral loss. The fluoride will help reinforce the teeth help to avoid tooth decay.

Dental Sealants

A clear, thin layer of sealant is applied to the molars. This prevents damage to the teeth caused by plaque and bacteria. It is done in a short amount of time and causes no pain to the child.


Once a cavity is identified, your Lake Villa dentist will clean the area and apply a dental filling in order to prevent decay. This is a permanent solution to the problem of cavities.

Dental Crowns

If a filling is unable to repair the damaged tooth, a crown is affixed to the tooth instead. The tooth is capped with a crown to prevent further damage.

What Can a Lake Villa Family Dentist Provide?

Greenwood Dental Care, near Lake Villa, Illinois, provides dental care for the whole family. Our family dentistry services offer comprehensive services, including pediatric dental care. Your children will now look forward to a visit to the dentist’s office as we have gone to great lengths to make sure that our young patients are comfortable. A family dentistry service ensures that each family member receives the same professional care.

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